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Canadian Postcard Accent Cushions from Alamode

Alamode's popular Postcard Accent Cushions are now available with Canadian cities! Featuring landmarks of Canada's most famous cities - Vancouver, Toronto and more to come - embroidered in black on a white cotton backing. The perfect decorative accent for the traveller in your family.

  • 18" x 18"
  • 100% Cotton Twill Cover




Vancouver$35.00 CAD$29.99 CAD
Toronto$35.00 CAD$29.99 CAD
Calgary$35.00 CAD$29.99 CAD
Victoria$35.00 CAD$29.99 CAD
Halifax$35.00 CAD$29.99 CAD
Ottawa$35.00 CAD$29.99 CAD
Montreal$35.00 CAD$29.99 CAD
St Johns$35.00 CAD$29.99 CAD
Quebec$35.00 CAD$29.99 CAD