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Washable Wool Comfort Pads

Soul Comfort's Washable Wool Comfort Pads offer a wonderful, natural, breathable insulating and cushioning layer for relief from pressure, humidity and chaffing. Wool's proven natural properties allow it to work in harmony with our bodies, wicking away moisture and keeping the body an even temperature while promoting circulation and relieving swelling & allergy symptoms.

Soul Comfort's Washable Wool Comfort Pads are made from 100% Sheep Wool Fabric Pile in either regular medical grade 850 gram per meter pile or their highest 950 gram per meter super pile plush medical grade.
  • 100% Wool Fabric Pile
  • Machine washable up to 70°C
  • Adapts to your body's temperature
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Please note this is a final sale item
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Made in Canada

            850 GM

12" x 18"$0.00 CAD$39.99 CAD
18" x 24"$0.00 CAD$63.99 CAD
18" x 36"$0.00 CAD$94.99 CAD
24" x 30"$0.00 CAD$104.99 CAD
30" x 40"$0.00 CAD$174.99 CAD
30" x 60"$0.00 CAD$263.99 CAD
            950 GM

12" x 18"$0.00 CAD$47.98 CAD
18" x 24"$0.00 CAD$97.98 CAD
18" x 36"$0.00 CAD$133.99 CAD
24" x 30"$0.00 CAD$149.99 CAD
30" x 40"$0.00 CAD$224.99 CAD
30" x 60"$0.00 CAD$329.99 CAD