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Natural Wool Wheelchair Covers by Soul Comfort

Soul Comfort's Natural Wool Wheelchair Covers offer a wonderful, protective cushion for relief from pressure, humidity and chaffing. Wool's natural adaptive properties allow it to work in harmony with our own bodies, wicking away moisture and keeping the body an even temperature while promoting circulation and relieving swelling. 

Soul Comfort's Wool Wheelchair covers are made from 100% Sheepwool Fabric Pile in their highest 950 gram per meter medical grade. A heavy black canvas backing provides strength and durability, and velcro straps ensure a good fit on a variety of wheelchair styles.

Available in complete sets or only the pieces you need for greatest comfort.

  • 100% Wool Fabric Pile
  • Strong canvas backing
  • Naturally hypoallergenic & antibacterial
  • Please note this is a final sale item


Back 18" x 18"$0.00 CAD$101.99 CAD
Seat 18" x 18"$0.00 CAD$101.99 CAD
Back & Seat (one unit) 18" x 36"$0.00 CAD$203.98 CAD