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Power 2 Go Portable Battery Power Pops

These wonderfully useful Power 2Go Portable Battery Power Pops by Gekko Relaxus are the perfect travel companion. Charge them up at home via a USB port and take with you anywhere for emergency power! The battery will carry approximately 2.5 hrs power (depending on your device's power needs) and once charged, will hold a charge for up to 3-4 months. Comes with battery pack and USB cable to charge.

Handy Portable Power for Smartphones, MP3 Players and Cameras. One of our most popular gift items!


Pink$22.00 CAD$19.99 CAD
Yellow$22.00 CAD$19.99 CAD
Green$22.00 CAD$19.99 CAD
Black$22.00 CAD$19.99 CAD
White$22.00 CAD$19.99 CAD
Blue$22.00 CAD$19.99 CAD