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SnugSleep Latex Mattresses

Heirloom Linens is proud to offer what we think might just be the best night's sleep since you were a baby...introducing SnugSleep Latex Gold Mattresses!


Designed to provide a safe, healthy, and long lasting sleeping environment, Snugsleep Natural Latex Mattresses are produced right here in Canada, crafted from 100% natural, environmentally friendly Dunlop Rubber Latex. Snugsleep's Dunlop Latex Gold comes in 5 varying densities with pincore latex design for superior air circulation throughout the mattress. Naturally hypoallergenic & antibacterial, Latex Mattresses offer luxurious, gentle support for the contours of your body, helping to correctly align your spine while you rest and aid in a deeper, healthier sleep. The Deluxe and Supreme Latex Mattresses contain multiple layers of latex customized on each side of the bed to your individual needs, providing the ultimate range of customized support and comfort, while also allowing for future alterations if your needs change in the future.

All Snugsleep Latex Mattresses are topped with a soft, 100% pure New Zealand Wool layer for optimum comfort and moisture control, then encased within an exclusive 4-way stretch organic cotton cover with zippered closure and a plain woven cotton underside.

Explore our range of natural Latex Mattresses available below, from a basic composite model to the customized 6" - 10" options, and if you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

We are also pleased to offer FREE Shipping across Canada!

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