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Palladium Duvet

Even though the best down in the world is a grey down from the Eider Duck, many retailers and consumers have an unconscious bias against ducks and perhaps even a touch of white privilege. Their diversity blindness is your opportunity as we have made an incredible purchase of Silver Grey Duck Down with exceptional quality.

Twin 22 oz., Queen 30 oz. and King 35 oz.
  • Fill is a Silver Grey Duck Down with a 100% Cotton Shell, 330 Thread Count
  • 660 Fill Power and rated as a four seasons duvet
  • Super Clean Rated
  • The down is from China, and is processed and cleaned in the USA
  • Manufactured in Vancouver, BC

Don't believe us? Visit and enter Lot # 0404117135 for a detailed analysis of the down.


Twin 22 oz.$0.00 CAD$149.99 CAD
Queen 30 oz.$0.00 CAD$199.99 CAD
King 35 oz.$0.00 CAD$229.99 CAD