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Sherpini Blankets By Daniadown

Our most popular throws made into a blanket - Sherpini Blankets by Daniadown - feature a super soft and cosy synthetic lamb's wool look on one side and a soft coloured fleece on the other, for a feel-good and look-good blanket great for keeping warm and cosying up under.

  • 66" X 80"
  • 100% Polyester

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Teal$60.00 CAD$49.99 CAD
Dew Cream$60.00 CAD$49.99 CAD
Berry Red$60.00 CAD$49.99 CAD
Mink$60.00 CAD$49.99 CAD
Storm Grey$60.00 CAD$49.99 CAD
Blue$60.00 CAD$49.99 CAD
Jade$60.00 CAD$49.99 CAD