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Winter Silk Duvets by Daniadown

Luxurious Silk Duvets, perfect for allergy sufferers and those looking for a temperature-controlled sleep environment. Farmed silk made from cocoon of the Bombyx moth that is fed only mulberry leaves.  The duvets are made by expanding small balls of silk into large thick sheets.  Many thin sheets are layered on each other until the required thickness is reached.  These silk duvets have little processing of the silk strands which makes mulberry silk more hypoallergenic.
  • 100% Mulberry Silk Fibre
  • 250 Thread Count Shell
  • Small zipper so you can see the fill
  • Karo Stitch which prevents the silk of shifting
  • Natural, breathable, cool comfort!



Made in Canada

            Winter Weight

Twin 64" x 88" - 54 oz.$240.00 CAD$219.99 CAD
Double 78" x 88" - 61 oz.$310.00 CAD$279.99 CAD
Queen 88" x 90" - 74 oz.$350.00 CAD$319.99 CAD
King 102" x 90" - 85 oz.$410.00 CAD$369.99 CAD
Super King 112" X 100" - 102 oz.$500.00 CAD$449.99 CAD