Pillow Talk with Bob

Pillow Talk

by Bob Ianson

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Pillow Talk

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It’s a new year and many use this time to clean house!  At Heirloom Linens we are busy with markdowns to clean out and make room for the new items that will be arriving shortly.  I just went through my house room by room and drawer by drawer.  Something that not many people think about throwing out is pillows.  When was the last time you replaced your pillow?  Many people will cringe when I tell you what your old pillow is filled with.  Pillows over the years will begin to build up with sweat, skin cells, dust mites and will coat the fibers of your pillow diminishing its properties.  YUCK!  It is recommended to replace your pillow every one to two years.  I know you are now thinking about that last time you replaced your pillow. You can wash many different types of pillows, but if you cannot remember the last time you replaced your pillow, it is probably a safe to assume its just time to purchase a new one.

A pillow is a very personal item and a pillow that your friend loves may not be the right pillow for you.  We stock pillows filled with down, feather, silk, bamboo, buckwheat, polyester and wool.  We have a pillow for every type of sleeper.  If you are a back sleeper you want to look for a lower loft pillow so your neck is not raised up too high.  If you are a side sleeper you want a pillow that is fuller to full out the area between your neck and shoulder.  Come visit us and we will direct you to the best pillow for you!