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Too Hot in Bed

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Too hot in bed?

As temperatures climb, many of you are experiencing a less than quality sleep, due to being too warm. I want to offer some alternatives that may help you out and allow you a more comfortable night's sleep.

Down filled, Feather filled, and Polyester filled duvets, by their very nature have a very high thread count cover, to prevent the fill from leaking through. The downside of this is they become unbreathable. As a result, when you first go to bed, they appear to be prefect however over the course of the night, you become too hot, disturbing your sleep and causing you to "toss off the covers". Because you were too warm and probably perspiring, you now quickly cool off. Once again, your sleep is disturbed, and you wake and cover back up. This "on again, off again" scenario goes on all night long. Sound familiar?

Consider a wool filled duvet as an alternative. I know...your first thought is "wool is itchy" or "I am allergic to wool". Wool is a contact allergy and to cause issues, must be in contact with your skin. A wool duvet is wool filled but with a 100% cotton cover. The beauty of wool, is the wool fibers are not prone to leaking from the duvet, allowing for a lower thread count cover and therefore are extremely breathable. Wool absorbs perspiration whereas down, feather and polyester do not. The result is a breathable, comfortable duvet allowing you the restful night’s sleep you crave.

On a side note, they are available in both a Summer Weight and a Regular Weight version, making wool an excellent choice for year-round use. Furthermore, they also come in a dry-clean or washable version. I am asked which is better and I advise that the washable version has a chemical applied to the wool, to make it washable, something many dislike and the average home machine will not properly wash a large bulky duvet, forcing you have it laundered with a laundry company. My choice is always the dry-clean version knowing full well that the average duvet, unless an accidental spill, is only cleaned every 2 or 3 years.

Anything other than wool? I am glad you asked. We offer a Silk filled duvet as another option, not quite a breathable as a Wool filled duvet, but being a light weight silk filling, are perfect for the warmer bedrooms.  These too are available in a Summer and a Winter weight.

So there you have a few solutions if you are "too hot in bed". Pillow Talk - Too Hot in Bed