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Pillow Talk

by Bob Ianson

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Warmth Without Weight

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Alpaca Wool Duvet by SnugSleep

Wool is one of the best fills in the market for duvets.  Wool regulates your body temperature, and so it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Here on the West Coast, we are blessed with unextreme temperature changes.  Some of us can even get away with one duvet for all year use.  I personally sleep with an Classic summer weight wool duvet.  I would rather be a little bit cool a couple nights out of the year, than too warm.  One of the complaints about wool is that is can be heavy for some people.  The solution is Alpaca.

Alpaca duvets add warmth without weight.  Alpaca wool is warmer than sheep's wool as its fibres are hollow and trap heat.  Sheep's wool fibres have pockets to trap the heat.  Therefore you can have an Alpaca wool duvet with less fill than a Classic Wool Duvet for the same warmth.  Alpaca has far greater drapability than wool fibres, which allows the duvet to lie closer to the sleeper's body and be more insular.

Wool will absorb up to 50% of its body weight in moisture, but after that there is a saturation point and the sweat can sit next to the skin causing discomfort.  Alpaca wool is almost waterproof.  As it traps more heat, it mechanically pushes the water away, never leaving moisture on the skin.  Basically, becasue the Alpaca duvet is warmer it evaporates faster.

Some people are more susceptible to the smell of lanolin that is found in sheep's wool.  This odour usually dissipates within a couple of hours of opening it up out of the package.  Very few people will still notice an odour.  The solution to this as well is Alpaca.  Alpaca wool is considered a dry fibre, without the lanolin that is found in sheep's wool.

Not only is this duvet made in Canada, but it also features a beautiful organic cotton shell.  It is so soft to touch and a dream to sleep under.  The threads of the shell are thinner to allow better breathability and maximize drapability.  Make the switch to our Alpaca Wool Duvet and never look back!