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Favourite Things

We are frequently asked, "which is your favourite?" so we polled our staff and asked them to tell you about their favourite and what makes it the best.

 TC400 Sheets“There is nothing quite like crawling into fresh clean sheets! I love my TC400 sheets. Beautiful assortment of colours and they are so soft! I own 3 different sets as I love to change the colour and it changes the whole look of my room." - Kristen

 Bamboo Sleepwear"Once I started wearing these, I threw out all my cotton nighties. These are fabulous and all I use now!" Bamboo sleepwear is silky soft to the touch and luxuriously comfortable to wear. It's highly absorbent, keeping your skin dry while you sleep. " - Joan

 Freeport Linen Cotton Sheets“I love the natural look they give my bed and they are cool to sleep in. They soften over usage and don’t feel scratchy like you would think linen would.” - Kiera

 Bamboo Towels“I love our new Bamboo/Cotton towels! They are silky soft, absorbent and available in 15 fabulous colours.”- Sue

 Silk Filled Duvets“Great option for the warmer months. It is so cool to sleep under and very breathable. I don’t sweat at night anymore under my silk duvet.”- Delia

 Irish Sheepskins“My current favourite thing is the sheep skin rugs from Ireland. They come in shades of white and ivory but they also come in lovely rich browns and blacks (and the occasional grey). They are soft and full and can be used on the floor as a rug or tossed across a sofa or a chair for a nice cozy warmth.” - Dawn

 Mountain Farms Soaps“I love our BC made Mountain Farms Soaps, especially the Lavender Lemon! it has a fresh, light fragrance.”- Pat

 Silk Pillowcases“I love our silk pillowcases. They help keep my hair from tangling and its less frizzy. It also helps to maintain my youthful complexion.” - Lynn

 Quilling Cards“I have a hodge-podge of favourites, but I absolutely love our Quilling Cards. We have a wonderful selection for any occasion. The intricate designs are amazing..” - Linda

 Cloud Memory Foam Pillow-“Its supportive yet soft. It keeps it shape all night and allows me to have a great, restful sleep.” - Cathy

 Irish Wool Slippers-“Everyone I give them to as a gift, LOVE THEM, especially my grandkids. They don't just love them, they LOVE them!”- Diane

 Adjustable Latex Pillow"It has great support and I love that I can adjust it by taking filling out to make it the perfect height." - Myca

 Chronic Paint Relief"It works! The pain in my hands from arthritis is gone." - Bob

 Wool Filled Duvets"I love the Wool Duvets! I'm in love with mine at home. It keeps me warm without making me sweaty, and it's the first time since years ago that I haven't needed an extra layer as a cold-sleeper." - Jessica

 Bamboo Sheets"They are soft and cool to sleep in. I can't sleep with cotton sheets anymore... bamboo has ruined me." - Megan

 Peony Bedding by Cuddledown- ""It's hard to pick just one favourite. I love the look of Peony. Its very romantic and will create a beautiful look to any room.”- Gurpawan

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