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University of British Columbia- Queen

We've put together four choices of packages including everything you'll need to create a stylish home away from home in your new dorm - a soft duvet & pillow, a duvet cover & sheets, mattress & pillow protectors, and a set of plush towels.  All with free shipping directly to University of British Columbia-  Please note - ordering as early as possible ensures your first choices of colour and pattern will be available.

Due to COVID-19, availability of items is very unpredictable.  We will do our best to fill your order with your desired selections and will contact you if we need to make a change.

Need another item not in the package?  Click any category below to view other residence accessories available:

Blankets & Throws, Bathroom Essentials, Accent Cushions, Rugs & Mats, Robes, Laundry, Organizers,  Lamps, and Other Residence Essential Items

DUE TO COVID 19 and VERY limited stock we have removed these packages.  Please send us a message and we will put together a package for you.

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