Back to School Package

Allergy <br>Back to School Package

For those students who are allergic to dust mites, down and or feather. This package helps students with allergies keep them at bay, while still being stylish and fun. Make going back to school easy with the complete allergy package. Free shipping right to St. Margaret's School. Each package comes with:
1 Twin Suprelle Poly Fibre Duvet- Made In Canada
1 Twin Sheet Set (50% Cotton/ 50% Polyester)
1 Twin Duvet Cover Set (100% cotton)
2 Cotton Pillow Protectors
2 Organic Cotton Bath Towels
2 Organic Cotton Hand Towels
2 Organic Cotton Facecloths
1 Twin Care Plus Anti-Allergy Mattress Pad
1 Standard/Queen Ultra Fresh Polyester Pillow
1 Mesh Laundry Bag

To make your set your own style, first choose your Duvet Cover Set and a Towel Set colour.

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