Baby Laundry Soda

Baby Laundry Soda

Specially formulated to deal with baby's unavoidable mishaps.  We have added a concentration of Sodium Percarbonate for natural brightening as well as the additional of pure vegetable soap, so there is no need to add any additional whteners or brighteners.

Its stain fighting power is effective on cloth diapers and removes stubborn baby stains such as milk, baby formula and spit-up.  The formula, derived from plant-based and mineral-based ingredients, is non-allergenic, gentle on baby skin and leaves no residue on fabric, no fragrance.

Use one spoonful of Nellie's Baby Laundry for one regular sized load.  Wash according to wash instructions on the garmet.  Always test garments that may fade or bleed.

Additional Details

Ingredients: Sodium Ash Light Carbonate, Lauryl Alcohol Ethoxylate 7 Mole, Sodium Metasilicate Pentahydrate, pure vegetable soap, Sodium Percarbonate

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