Colour Changing Mugs

Colour Changing Mugs

Every mug tells a story
Starts as a solid colour with a powerful quote and artwork
Add a hot beverage and the story unfolds
High quality porcelain
16 oz
Unique square shape

Additional Details

Hope- The busy bees are working hard to pollinate the flowers and watch them bloom.

Quote: Be the change you want to see if the world. - Gandhi

Joy- The butterfly opens its wings to take flight into a beautiful new day.

Quote: Be open to the joy of each new day.

Life- Although the tree seems aged, it still flourishes with beautiful life, reminding us our lives are not defined by time, but by our treasured moments.

Quote: It's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years. - Abraham Lincoln

Mother- The mother owl holds her baby close.  As time passes, she teaches her baby to fly.

Quote: A Mother gives her child the heart to love and the strength to soar.

Grandma- An angel in disguise, retro Grandma bakes treats with her secret ingredient, love!

Quote- Grandmas are angels in disguise.

Someone Special- The bond the hummingbirds share is reflected in the beauty of the blossoming Peruvian Lily.  The pair of hummingbirds take flight, stregthened by one another.

Quote: You're someone special.

Friend- A dog, car, and bird remind us that friends come in all varieties.

Quote: Friends are the family you choose.

Daughter- Mom is playing with her little girl in the park, and when her daughter grows up, they take adventures together as friends.

Quote: A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend.

Sister- Two sisters enjoy playing together as young children and then share their dreams as adults walking towards their future.

Quote: A Sister shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams.

Dad- Dad becomes a hero turning the ordinary tree into an extraordinary tree house.

Quote: Dad AKA my Hero

Wolf- The wolf's eyes open and the moon rises.

Polar Bear- A majestic polar bear gazes upon the northern lights.

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