Poop Away!

Poop Away!

Made in CanadaMelon and Lavender Scent- Ocean Rain- Light & Dremy, let this ocean rain fragrance take you where no air freshener could!
No Parabens or Pthalates
Safer Alternative to Aerosol
Septic & Plumbing Safe
Never Tested on Animals
Made in Canada

A few sprays directly in the bowl before you go traps & eliminates bathroom odours before they escape!  All you'll leave is a fresh blend of essential oils, so nobody will know that you had to go!

There she blows... again!  Keep stinky storms away thanks for Poop Away!  Make sure to spray the poop deck with this marvel of the seven seas before dropping anchor!

Additional Details

Directions: Spray 4 to 6 times into toilet bowl water, before use.  Poopee Chic forms a protective layer on the surface of the water that traps and eliminates embarassing toilet odours before they can escape.

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