Stinky Poo

Stinky Poo

Made in CanadaCranberry Sea Grass Scent
No Parabens or Pthalates
Safer Alternative to Aerosol
Septic & Plumbing Safe
Never Tested on Animals
Made in Canada

A few sprays directly in the bowl before you go traps & eliminates bathroom odours before they escape!  All you'll leave is a fresh blend of essential oils, so nobody will know that you had to go!

A scoop of essential oils, a pinch of magic and tada!  Your perfect companion for your potty escapade.  But shhh! a lady never reveals her secret!

Additional Details

Directions: Spray 4 to 6 times into toilet bowl water, before use.  Poopee Chic forms a protective layer on the surface of the water that traps and eliminates embarassing toilet odours before they can escape.

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