Weighted Blankets

Weighted Blankets

48" x 78" blankets and includes a removable, reversible cover. 100% Cotton reversing to a Microfibre plush and available in Grey only.

Design Innovation:

Gravid has have helped over 10,000 Canadians over the past year with their Weighted Blanket. This new weighted blanket is different than anything on the market and features innovations specific to only Gravid. Improved weight distribution, all-season versatile (Versa) covers, and a unique securing system to prevent your blanket from bunching inside the cover.

Product Quality:

Starting with the highest quality materials and a detail-focused production process, every part of the Gravid has been designed for comfort, practicality and longevity. Our blankets are weighted with non-toxic micro glass beads (compared to bulkier plastic pellets that many competitors offer). 


Gravid weighted blankets are therapeutic for those suffering from:

‣ Anxiety
‣ Fatigue/Low Energy
‣ Fibromyalgia
‣ Insomnia/Poor Sleep
‣ Lack of Focus
‣ Menopausal Symptoms
‣ Racing Thoughts
‣ Restless Legs

Blankets come with a Versa Cover which is 100% Cotton on one side and Microfibre plush on the reverse.

Blankets measure 48" x 78"

Additional Details

Weight Guide:
Body Weight 80 - 125 Lbs choose a 10 Lb Blanket Weight
Body Weight 126 - 175 Lbs choose a 15 Lb Blanket Weight
Body Weights 175 Lbs plus choose a 20 Lb Blanket Weight
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