Peapod Mats

Peapod Mats

For all stages of life.
100% Waterproof- keep surfaces dry
Reusable - 500+ conventional washes
Stays in place without flaps, straps or velcro - no shifting or moving!
Soft breathable Cotton top - comfortable to sleep on with no "plastic crinkle" sound or "cold vinyl" feel.
Breathable - prevent overheating, skin irritants or other skin sensitivities
Hassel free - no special wash instructions, regular wash and dry
PVC, vinyl and latex free - TPU waterproof coating- Greener solution for the environment

Additional Details

1.5' X 1.5'- great size for a change pad, burb cloth, wheel chair or seat cover.

3' X 3'- up to ages 3-4, or an adult with limited mobility.  

3' X 5'- ages 4+ to adult.

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