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Latex Chip Pillow
by SnugSleep

Latex Chip Pillow<br> by SnugSleep

100% Dunlop Rubber Latex
100% Cotton Cover
Naturally Antibacterial
Flame Resistant

Additional Details

We here at Heirloom Linens have been getting repeated requests and questions surrounding the heavily promoted MyPillow. We think the claims and pricing are heavily exaggerated.

1: MyPillow offers a 10 year Warranty. Unrealistic in our minds as is is highly unlikely this pillow will stand up to 10 years of use and for warranty claims, you must ship it back to the company, at your expense AND pay for the original shipping cost for when it was sent to you. The high cost of returning your "warrantied" pillow makes it so unattractive that most people just ignore the fact that it didn't last as advertised.

2: The MyPillow is filled with Polyurethane Foam chips, something unlikely to offer significant head support if put into daily use. We are unsure what would constitute a warranty issue since the pillow is only 2" thick, it certainly could not be an issue where it has gone flat.

3: The pillow sizing in no shape or form standard sizing. They claim Standard/Queen is 16.6" x 26" x 2" (imagine a 2" thick pillow?) and our version of this pillow,is sized Standard 21" x 26" x 6", Queen 21" x 29" x 6" and King 21" x 36" x 6".  The MyPillow is a significantly smaller and thinner pillow than conventional pillows.

4: Because of their sizing shortfall, perhaps this is why they attempt to sell a pair of pillowcases Queen for $27.99 and King $34.99. They show "Regular" prices as $39.99 and $49.99 to lend credability to their Promo pricing. To our knowledge, these pillowcase have never been sold at their "Regular" prices. In addition, no mention of thread count or fabric content on these pillowcases. TC 400 Egyptian Cotton Pillowcases

5: Heavily promoted by radio personalities, TV ads and large print ads.

6: Pillow pricing, while promo pricing is offered, like the Pillowcases, unlikely they have ever sold for the "regular" prices.

7: So what do we offer in place of the MyPillow? Chipped Latex Pillows, filled with high quality Dunlop process Latex Chips. The pillow offers significant support and sleep comfort. Made here in Canada, priced significantly less than MyPillow and we also offer free shipping on orders over $75. In the event you receive your pillow and for whatever reason, don't like it, you simply pay for the return shipping only. Our pillow is properly sized to offer you a larger pillow and our Pillowcases will actually fit your pillow. They are offered in a 400 Thread Count, 100% Egyptian Cotton Sateen and priced at $29.99 Std/Queen (yes they will fit both) and $34.99 King.

Lastly, for those that want to "try before they buy", come into the store and feel one for yourself. By the way, our Latex Pillow is completly washable.

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